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Mermaid's Logic Handwriting Challenge


Have you ever wanted to improve you handwriting? Here's a great activity to use in one of your planners. Former HP Squad member, Ashley Layce Marie, also known as MermaidsLogic on Instagram®, is the creator of a monthly hanwriting challenge. Grab a planner and your favorite pen and join her on IG using the hashtag #mermaidslogichandwritingchallenge. According to Ashley, here's how it works: 

For 4-5 minutes each day for the month of July, practice writing the word of the day in the photo prompt ~ in any handwriting style you choose! You can use a planner, a blank piece of paper, or anything you wish to use to practice the handwriting challenge each day. You can even save your pages to reflect on your progress. If you are going to participate on IG, share your handwriting challenges with others using the hashtag. Remember to have fun and strive for progress not perfection.